A few years back the technician at the doctor’s office where I’d had the tests for my Z-card told me the urine test results would be processed by the next morning in a government-sanctioned lab in the midwest.  I had to ask.  “Oh, Fedex,” she replied.  Since then, I can’t see a Fedex air freighter land or take off from Newark International without wondering how much urine (and other fluids) it’s urgently and expensively transporting.  ’nuff said?


Further, in this age of containerized cargo, it’s refreshing to see the transparency resulting from this antiquated and maybe inefficient means of transport.  I wonder who/what Reynolds’ ABC-1 (below) hauls for.


And Miller Girls, where’s that large blue electric motor now working?


Water transportation can be generally cheaper and faster between places of the banlks of the sixth boro.  And this brings me back to Dutch “parlevinker” boats I blogged about back in August.