Perspicacious bowsprite snapped this vessel of a Canadian patrol vessel headed upriver a few days back.  It’s Glace Bay, named for that place up in Nova Scotia.    Question:  did anyone catch the number of the sister vessel that accompanied 701 in?  Is that James Turecamo pushing scrap paper south?


At dawn on Thursday I caught Hansa Sonderburg over at Howland Hook as the sun illuminated forward surfaces of house, hatch covers, and deck crane.  Although the superstructure looks minimal, it


carries passengers.  Anyone ever travel on her?  I’d love to hear a report.  Below is same vessel a few drizzly hours later.


Finally here are some interesting sites I’ve newly discovered:

Check out Jane’s blogalogue and Brian’s Moveable Bridge.   I’m also including a link to water photos that Jane forwarded.  Thanks.

Photos, WVD.