It’s hard to believe Caspian Sea‘s never appeared on this blog before, but


each day plays out something new, each minute, each second even,


so imagine this post like an arc of a zoopraxiscope or


or Duchamps’  “Nude Descending”,


or just Caspian Sea (ex-Sea Tiger, ex-New Castle, ex-Jonathan T) steaming by me as I take a break on a drizzly day in Elizabeth and


and revive my urgency as my life ticks


on by . . .  stuff to do better, secrets to offload, fears to float test, people to get to know more completely.  Caspian . . . glad to meet you.  Times flies, sunrises launch, calendar pages flip, hours blur, seconds pulse  … I pant and still get behind.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.