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With the pilot still aboard this ship bound for sea, his egress awaited.

I must learn more about the lot of pilots, but the crewman here retracted this pilot’s ladder

This one still hangs almost to the waterline.

See the crewman under the upper house of Mary Alice?  Well . . .

here he is closer up studying his handiwork, having just set down his brush and paint.  Rust never sleeps.

In this foto sent by Ron Rice, notice the ladder to the riverbed leaning against the stern of George Burrows, a conveyance for a hardhat diver to get to his job assembling the Lower Manhattan ferry terminal.  Does this terminal have an official name?


All other fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Unrelated, yesterday was the 33rd anniversary of the loss of  Edmund Fitzgerald. Peter Mello and Cheryl called my attention to the sad date.

Also unrelated, see fotos of QE2 passing the northwest corner of Spain bound for Dubai on Amiga Atlantica‘s great blog.

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