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Tom-a new friend who introduced himself as a friend of a friend- contacted me last week with a research question that has no immediate connection with the sixth boro although–if you’ve visited this blog–you know how I’ve developed this fluid sense of what the boundaries of the sixth boro might be.  He wanted to know if I could locate a foto of a certain “blue tugboat.”  He gave the name as Yenagoa Ocean.  I love research challenges and the fotos below make evident my find.  I then asked Tom what was so interesting about this vessel.  Answer follows.


Yenagoa Ocean aka Yenegoa Ocean, ex-Nico Shindagha and Spartan Tide 91 of Tidewater Marine, came off the ways in Aberdeen in 1975, and worked in the Persian Gulf until recently sold to ESL Integrated Systems, a Nigerian company who took possession in Dubai and sailed for home until . . .


it was hijacked by Somali pirates.

Tom’s story follows here, but the gist of what he writes is  . . . what you’re looking at above is now a pirate ship, in fact, a  mother ship.  So, next time someone asks what a pirate ship looks like, remember Yenagoa Ocean.  Forewarned is forearmed.  Talking about second lives . . . .

Oh, my “captain” title in Tom’s article,  . . .  his idea.   🙂  Thanks, Tom.

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