Tricolor and square sails on the mainmast under a North American sky…

red/yellow flag on the fore, with a respectable lookout,

bowsprit pointed to a gap between formidable headlands,

dramatic rake on the forecastle,

lookouts attend to multiple duties as vessel heads between imposing banks,

mate on the high and extremely raked quarterdeck and steersman steadies hands on the hidden whipstaff.  What vessel is this, what beautiful valley?

It’s Half Moon on the Hudson, now in Newburgh for a week.  For a memorable trip, sail them some day soon.  Keep them sailing.  See the virtual tour.    More detail in a later post soon.

And unrelated to the museum vessel, check out my new blog with bowsprite, the historical fictitious voice of Henry Hudson, based on Corey Sandler’s Henry Hudson Dreams and Obsessions and Donald S. Johnson’s Charting the Sea of Darkness.   Sail vicariously in the bimonthly blog.

All fotos, Will Van Dorp.