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The riverbanks tendril has shriveled a bit, but riverbanks in the boro fascinate in what’s there besides the few waterfront essential businesses, parks, and luxury residences.  People who understand these walls’ orientation as “front” decorate with care, as here on Newtown Creek, once America’s busiest waterway and now an unintended science experiment.

Exotic foliage lasts all year at Water Taxi Beach in Long Island City.

Exotic bestiary supporting the bowsprit of Half Moon blend into the temporary coloration on the Palisades,

What would aliens make of some of this like Deitch projects or

disassembled machines transformed into temporary sculpture on this Queens riverbank to be deposited later

on this Jersey City bank as modified art before being transported to the melting vats of China.  By the way, on left side of the foto is the Newark Bay Bridge.

This is the best time of year to get out with any available conveyance for a perception reset.

Jed sends along the shot below:  four sloops, Vane Chesapeake pushing a barge a few miles off, and military vessel.  Guess the vessel, event, and location?  Answer below.

Sloop plus Reinauer’s Matthew Tibbets eastbound in front of Brooklyn Heights,

ketch plus Ellen McAllister near IMTT Bayonne,

sloop plus James Turecamo near Stapleton,

sloop with unidentified Reinauer tug looking toward KVK,

unidentified Buchanan tug towing scows toward Tappan Zee along the Palisades while VOC replica appears to move a Hughes barge on the hip, taken today in Yonkers.  See more on our Half Moon blog, a work in progress, here.  

So, the vessel is the DDG67 Cole near Annapolis, coexisting with sloops in the Great Schooner Race.

On the Henry Hudson blog, we’ll be posting fortnightly, aka halfmoonthly, til spring 2009.

Thanks to Kaya for the Iphone foto below.  Kaya intrigued me by stating he wished to ride the lady’s wake, literally.  Given her top end of 34 knots, her final wave–wherever that may form–could be formidable.  I hope the soon-to-appear QE3 designers improve her speed rather than her make-up.

Compliments of Ron, at balloonist level,  see QE2 process southward as

QM2 creeps into place as QE2‘s maid.

Compliments of bowsprite, QM2 shows herself no slouch, a truly flashy maid, pirouetting on her axis at the confluence of Morris Canal and the North and East Rivers where

she holds station allowing the Dann Ocean Towing boat to push some cement through.

The cement salute is a unique feature of this ceremony, maybe the crosscurrents of the tow compound the challenge of surfing QE2s wake.

Anyone identify the gray hull in foreground shooting water?

Moran tugs escort the elegant lady past QM2.

Dubai lies over the horizon for QE2.  Honestly, given the lines and speed, I hope the inertia of the Palm

Jumeirah agree with her in her second life.  Dubai is located on the west lower end of the Omani Horn that juts northward in the Gulf.  By the way, in the background  from L to R, Verrazano, the heights of Staten Island, and Lady Liberty on ex-Bedloe‘s Island.  It’s remarkable how narrow QE2‘s waist seems at several miles distance.

QE2 herself has surfed a remarkable wave created by Hurricane Luis back in 1995.

See Newyorkology‘s take here with video.

Can you rank these tugs by horsepower high to low?  All foto’d since the start of October:  Barney Turecamo, pushing oil;

Meredith C., moving Jersey City westward in push gear;

Huron Service, pushing oil on a fall foliage tour;

Amy C., out to pick up some exciting foreign ship;

Dolphin, basking in the graving dock.  All fotos but one by Will Van Dorp.  The other is by Blake, age 7.  Guess which?

Vitals:  Barney, 5100hp.  Meredith C, 7200hp.  Huron Service, 3620hp?, 

Amy C, 4000hp.  Dolphin, 4300hp.

Dolphin was snapped by Blake during OpenHouseNewYork.  Bravo!

You’ve seen these colors combined before.  Maybe in an ad or on a parts truck, but you know the gray

set off by the red pinstripe

and the ivory.

See it on the stack?  Nissan has to be the only vehicle company with a corporate color.  But you’d think they’d christen their carriers with a nym ending in “-a” like Sentra.  Something like Shipra or Boxra or Vesselra.

Rosemary escorts Ocean Spirit in, ensuring no chitchats with MSC Bremen and CMA CGM Georgia.

Read here for the origin of the company name in 1913.  Is Nissan unique as a vehicle manufacturer in having a corporate color this widespread? I mean . . . even lots of fastfood supply trucks avoid yellow arches or becrowned bifucated-tailed mermaids.

Fotos by Will Van Dorp.

USS Nassau came to celebrate Intrepid‘s return?  Actually not.

Rather this was New York’s  centennial celebration of  Roosevelt’s “Great White Fleet,” so named since the ships were painted white for this 43,000 mile voyage

a century ago . . . pre-Panama Canal, meaning the fleet passed through the Straits of Magellan, taking five months for the 14,500 miles from Hampton Roads to San Francisco.  Radio communication was experimental.

And the early 20th-century fleet made no use–that I know–of aircraft.  Balloons? Maybe.

Media I read paid so little attention to this that I wonder how many NYC public school history classes connected this visit with the circumnavigation a century ago?  It could have been a rich “teachable moment” for the next generation.

All photos compliments of bowsprite.

First,  Happy Hudson Day . . . that’s why some folk don’t work today.

Update on Walrus:  Thanks to Gijs… Walrus stopped here for four days on its way to exercises with a Dutch frigate De Zeven Provinciën and the USS Dallas. Walrus then heads for Norfolk, end of October.  Info here.

Although the coexistence thread has languished, it retains its critical importance.  All denizens of the boro strive to avoid doing harm one to the other.  In the foto below, find two tugs (Evening Tide and Huron Service), three bridges, and then two unnamed kayaks, one sloop, and one powerboat.

Since time immemorial, movement here has resulted from human


As part of Riverkeeper‘s Water Fest, eleven rafts–down from the Adirondacks–floated about a hundred lucky folks from 79th Street to North Cove.

Meanwhile, USS Nassau was in town for the commemoration of the century since the voyage of the “great white fleet.”  Thanks to Jed for the identification.

USS Nassau foto from the cliffs comes compliments of bowsprite–who is depicted somewhere in this post.  All others, Will Van Dorp, not depicted.

Tomorrow–Columbus Day–I’m launching a new blog called Henry’s Obsession.  Henry refers to Mr Hudson, and obsess he did!.  For the next year or so,  bowsprite and I will use research and imagination to get inside the head of the first European to travel up the river that bears his name.  We plan to post twice a month, or “halfmoonthly.”  Shouldn’t we celebrate a Hudson Day in September rather than a Columbus Day in October?

Take one container vessel —Saudi Tabuk– northbound in the Buttermilk against an ebbing tide and heading for sea.  Bring on Moran tugs Cape Cod (portside of Tabuk) and Katherine Turecamo.

As they approach the Brooklyn Bridge, Cape Cod drops back to Tabuk‘s stern

Katherine no doubts shoves the bow toward Manhattan and Cape Cod presses the stern to Brooklyn.

Plan continues until the ebb tide assists Katherine, and Tabuk rotates counterclockwise.

The ebb is unstoppable,

and Tabuk

pivots her 814 feet quite dramatically

leaving no room for error.

Soon Tabuk has steering

outbound toward the Narrows and

bound for the Red Sea

but not for Tabuk, an inland desert city.

OK, but it’s not what you think.  A lot of racing around for bowsprite and I to get these fotos:  yesterday’s Dutch submarine–assigned to drug interdiction in the Caribbean–and today’s Italian one.  See embedded links in yesterday’s post for particulars.  In this foto, Salvatore Todaro heads up the North River.

Here’s a closer -up shot, both compliments of bowsprite.

Meanwhile, tugster awaited the arrival up at the passenger terminal.  Ellen McAllister nudged Salvatore toward the dock.

A question: the guys in white hats on the pier . . . are they Italian or American?

McAllister Responder assists.  How did the the men in the con tower get the invite?   Maybe they’re pilots?   And where did the sub break the surface on this voyage?

And are the bitts retractible?

I went looking for the Dutch sub Walrus in Brooklyn this morning, but they seem to have left?  More Dutch soon.

It’s not a dead ship, whale, or turtle.  I didn’t get any closer.  It’s a first sighting in the boro for me.

Here’s another shot.  And I don’t think the McAllister has it in tow.  Maybe the sub is escorting the tug?

Well . . . maybe not.  That was an attempt at humor.  UPDATE:  Thanks to bowsprite . . . the sub is Royal Dutch Navy sub Walrus. More on Walrus, including good foto, on the 9/4/08 shipoftheday post.   And Saturday a second sub Salvatore Todaro -Italian- arrives.  Emerging for the sunshine?  Below, it’s New Jersey Responder.  Sub responding, perhaps?

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