I’d understate the truth if I said I can’t for the life of me understand why I’m attracted to Odin. Actually, I understand very few of my attractions or obsessions;  they just pull my strings sometime.   A month ago I wrote about this vessel here , and I’m back, intrigued as ever.

Sunday she tended a barge–bunker?–astride some great white vessel.  Odin brought the house lower than I’ve ever seen.

I couldn’t make out why.  Cringing?  Obsequious?

The great one rising beside Odin claimed to to Caribbean Princess.

Oh well… work is work.  I simply enjoyed being intrigued more by the versatility of Odin, masterful shape shifter.  Maybe K-Sea will get an Odin twin to name Loki.  And I’ll keep trying to understand and respond appropriately to my attractions/attractors.

Photos, WVD.