Jed sends along the shot below:  four sloops, Vane Chesapeake pushing a barge a few miles off, and military vessel.  Guess the vessel, event, and location?  Answer below.

Sloop plus Reinauer’s Matthew Tibbets eastbound in front of Brooklyn Heights,

ketch plus Ellen McAllister near IMTT Bayonne,

sloop plus James Turecamo near Stapleton,

sloop with unidentified Reinauer tug looking toward KVK,

unidentified Buchanan tug towing scows toward Tappan Zee along the Palisades while VOC replica appears to move a Hughes barge on the hip, taken today in Yonkers.  See more on our Half Moon blog, a work in progress, here.  

So, the vessel is the DDG67 Cole near Annapolis, coexisting with sloops in the Great Schooner Race.

On the Henry Hudson blog, we’ll be posting fortnightly, aka halfmoonthly, til spring 2009.