Can you rank these tugs by horsepower high to low?  All foto’d since the start of October:  Barney Turecamo, pushing oil;

Meredith C., moving Jersey City westward in push gear;

Huron Service, pushing oil on a fall foliage tour;

Amy C., out to pick up some exciting foreign ship;

Dolphin, basking in the graving dock.  All fotos but one by Will Van Dorp.  The other is by Blake, age 7.  Guess which?

Vitals:  Barney, 5100hp.  Meredith C, 7200hp.  Huron Service, 3620hp?,

Amy C, 4000hp.  Dolphin, 4300hp.

Dolphin was snapped by Blake during OpenHouseNewYork.  Bravo!