You’ve seen these colors combined before.  Maybe in an ad or on a parts truck, but you know the gray

set off by the red pinstripe

and the ivory.

See it on the stack?  Nissan has to be the only vehicle company with a corporate color.  But you’d think they’d christen their carriers with a nym ending in “-a” like Sentra.  Something like Shipra or Boxra or Vesselra.

Rosemary escorts Ocean Spirit in, ensuring no chitchats with MSC Bremen and CMA CGM Georgia.

Read here for the origin of the company name in 1913.  Is Nissan unique as a vehicle manufacturer in having a corporate color this widespread? I mean . . . even lots of fastfood supply trucks avoid yellow arches or becrowned bifucated-tailed mermaids.

Fotos by Will Van Dorp.