OK, but it’s not what you think.  A lot of racing around for bowsprite and I to get these fotos:  yesterday’s Dutch submarine–assigned to drug interdiction in the Caribbean–and today’s Italian one.  See embedded links in yesterday’s post for particulars.  In this foto, Salvatore Todaro heads up the North River.

Here’s a closer -up shot, both compliments of bowsprite.

Meanwhile, tugster awaited the arrival up at the passenger terminal.  Ellen McAllister nudged Salvatore toward the dock.

A question: the guys in white hats on the pier . . . are they Italian or American?

McAllister Responder assists.  How did the the men in the con tower get the invite?   Maybe they’re pilots?   And where did the sub break the surface on this voyage?

And are the bitts retractible?

I went looking for the Dutch sub Walrus in Brooklyn this morning, but they seem to have left?  More Dutch soon.

Photos:  bowsprite and WVD.