Barges move oil, coal, sand, and more.  They serve as platforms for construction, demolition, mooring,

ceremony, and–

uh-and–a Felliniesque gathering?–

and creation.  As part of openhousenewyork last weekend, Pier 66, Caron Eule Dance, and

Meg Okura’s PanAsian Chamber Jazz Ensemble created

The Crane Wife, a traditional Japanese version with a North Atlantic counterpart involving selkies

all a delight to stumble upon.  Yes, that’s lightship Frying Pan looking in from the south.

This is the magic generated on the sixth boro, my adoptive home, a place for opera on a tanker, a book launch at a graving dock, a circus barge, a music barge, an art installation that floats and motors all the way here from Albany . . . and many more such are commonplace. Except not.  They’re all brilliant.  Kudos.