Peculiar, thought bowsprite, for what cause does this sailing flotilla make southward?  To bring out -lemme see–Adirondack, What and If, Pride of Baltimore 2, and an unknown sloop, might there be some contest?  Might the East River squadron soon flank?   Might some exotic airship there negotiate an approach?  Spritely, then,  to the other side of her balloon’s gondola did she glance, and

–egads–what ho?  What fabulous collection of vessels does northward these waters ply?

What intrepid and classic do these smaller ones surround?

Surely, thought bowsprite, the regal lady, constant on her station on Liberty’s isle hence, will today stand down and follow this fleet to the north.

Up into the North River they all made way.  By now, bowsprite did comprehend,  an icon’s return

necessitated a quick descent earthward to retrieve her speedy steed, possibly gather reinforcements, and gallop along Hudson’s bank to see where this worthy band would make anchorage.

Of course, the intrepid vessel is–Intrepid, whose career spanned from 1943, saw suicide attacks of another generation, recovered space travelers, and now still serves as education for the future.  Anyone have fotos of CV-11 headed under the Brooklyn Bridge in 1965?

All fotos here, compliments of bowsprite.