I sat on my rocky island, connected only by a repurposed plank to the south side of KVK, lost in revery as I weighed my stresses, fractures, tempests against my blessings

when a tugboat slowly coasted my way, glancing first sidelong, then head on.  First I thought it was posing, but as it approached 50 feet, 20 feet, 5 feet . . . I wondered whether I might get shanghaied or donkey-kicked . . .

but when I saw the previous name, it all made sense in the remnants of my agrarian brain that recalls the curiosity as well as the tolerance of that species.

The grass is greener on this side of the KVK, the treats sweeter, the pizza better certainly.

As it backed away from my rock, I swear it mooed, satisfied after munching bankside hay.  Sea Ox, ex-Leif S, original habitat was in Morgan City, LA, the same yard as June K, featured in many postings.

Photos, WVD.