What does one say at a christening?  Read the text of the Andrew and Rosemary McAllister christening here, compliments of the Reverend Doctor Daniel Meeter, pastor of the Old First Reformed Church of Brooklyn, and a friend from many years ago.  Dan’s words transformed these machines symbolically into more than steel, other metals, rubber, and software.

I think the four fotos below show a different transformation.  First, Dace as usually seen.

Dace outa the notch.

portside view, and now . . .

Dace in June 2005.  Similar height through different means and only one wheelhouse.

Anyone know know how much if any difference in height of eye in top wheelhouse then and now?

Also makes me wonder if any official christening or rechristening happened when the new Dace arrived?

By the way,  Dace came off the ways at Main Ironworks in Houma, Louisiana, in 1968.  Houma saw Gustav’s eye bissect it last week;  New Yorkers will see some form of Hanna tomorrow.  Batten down.