The centenarian-PLUS-eight-years Helen returns with a shiny coat of paint, and  . . .

off to her port the FDNY’s Emerald Society Pipes and Drums muster on the dock.  Why?


Rosemary‘s already worked in the sixth boro since June.   Who’s the twin 500 feet astern?

Welcome Andrew . . .

Capt. McAllister comes ashore . . . and benedictions and champagne and

and soon “shepherds of the sea” cause the “river” water to rise up in celebration

obscuring their newly christened selves . .  or further christening them.  Anyone have gallons per minute info on these water cannon relative to the FDNY vessels?

At baptisms and christenings, I feel led to wonder about the future of the new ones, and ask the higher powers to guide and bless.  I feel the same looking at these fotos.  Welcome Andrew and Rosemary and congratulations to the McAllister family.  Whitherward these two beautiful vessels, great-great-grandkiddos of Helen?  Whither the sixth boro?  Whither us?

Special note:  Many thanks to “bowsprite” for these fotos.  Whither bowsprite?