What I enjoy about the race:  meeting friends enough old and new to convince me that NYC is really an enormous set of superimposed villages.  One water village converged on Pier 84 yesterday.   And elders like Pegasus got the respect deserved, as did those of all generations who got the 101-year-old out there to the village square of the sixth boro; and

seeing some vessels dock in the fancy part of Manhattan in finery and Sunday’s best with whatever assistance they need and come ashore; and

finding drama in competition no matter horsepower (like Line v. Growler),

size, or vintage; and

and witnessing the nine tugs boats in this foto raise so much dust in the corral that the “fiberglass outa-placer” saw the wisdom in getting out of the way, and

more tomorrow.

Interesting “fact” mentioned in the ceremony yesterday by the Coast Guard commander:  25% of the tugboats on the East Coast are  based in New York City.  Did I get that right?

Top two fotos above taken by Elizabeth Wood.