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day left.  What might be a possible contender entered the Kills yesterday . . . the Paul T.  (just my speculation).  Huge and dark in the cloudy weather, Paul T.  humbled me.  I know I’ve seen others with greater power, but this machine had a looming presence.  Its silent power reminded me  of the first time I saw a humpback whale from a small boat.  One foto below for now;  more will follow showing Paul’s nose.  The inimitable Fred also has a foto of Paul T, along with pleas for your vote.  So vote for Fred or whoever you prefer . . . but vote . . . early and often (Oops!  Can’t do that.)

Some vitals:  built 1975.  7200 hp, 138′ x 40′ 13′ and ex-Ocean Venture, S/R and Exxon Golden State, Eliska.

Pegasus, foto below, is reportedly showing up for the race tomorrow.  I took this foto in 2006 (I think) and so look forward to seeing the mythical flyer in the North River creating white water in 2008, her 101st year!!

Some vitals:  built 1907. 96′  x 23′ x 11′ and ex-Socony 16, Socony, Esso Tug 1, John E. McAllister.

Two final fotos:  seconds after the start of the 2006 race, and

a portrait of yours truly . . . as captured by my partner-in-everything . . . Elizabeth.  I’d love to talk with you tomorrow.  Have a fun and safe day.  Again, thanks to the organizers.

Finally, I’ve added a link called diesel duck to my blogroll . . . interesting writing and fotos.  And one more question–wherever is the small tug Rachel Marie, prime mover of the Smithson “Floating Island,” three years ago?  Tomorrow, I’ll post fotos as soon as I’m back from the Race.

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