The previous “random ship,” a juice tanker, travelled outbound yesterday mere hours before the crane ship entered. Curses on my timing for missing good fotos. I missed all the skinnydippers too! Any how, name the bridge below?

The bulker is Federal Yoshino. Your guesses on her ownership given that name? A clue about the bridge: it has a lighthouse UNDER it.

She’s owned by Fednav, based in Canada, Montreal.

It appears she travels on the Great Lakes a fair amount as a salty. But the bridge in the background above is the George Washington. Here she’s headed up the Hudson leaving the Palisades to port. “Upbound” they’d say on the St. Lawrence.

Imagine how dynamics would change if traffic the size of Federal Yoshino could proceed directly between the sixth boro and the St. Lawrence?

Above is the lighthouse at the Manhattan foot on the GW Bridge, Empire State Building to left and scaffolded Riverside Church to right.

Meanwhile, the New Times this morning ran a story about a floating city currently downbound on the Hudson.

Photos, WVD.