No . . . I couldn’t linger for the shots I wanted.

Surprise! This link confirms that this is the very same vessel that blew ashore off Rotterdam half a year ago. Also, scroll thru a bit and you’ll see Zhen Hua 10 started life 19 years ago as a tanker. Vitals: loa 244 m, beam 40, draft 8.5. Am I alone in finding her beamy and somewhat shallow, given the load? Here‘s the whole google listing.

According to the the crane builders homesite,, the company has a new facility on Changxian Island, at the mouth the Yangtze River. This facility might help China displace Korea as #1 shipbuilder nation. Here‘s the google image page.

KVK pic. Anyone else want to share shots of the voyage to Port Elizabeth?

Afterthought: the sci-fi fan in me wonders how a 19th century mariner might respond upon seeing this rig

. . . maybe swear off strong drink? check the amount of mold on the hard tack? make a religious vow?

Also, might this be the way to pre-fab a 2012 bridge in China or elsewhere to assemble over the KVK or AK?

Photos, WVD.