A pizza box and some bags . . . you know of course what’s happening here. It happens at my job, and it happens when the police or fire department stop across the street from my building: people on the job get hungry and call in an order for food, delivery style. Only here the work site happens to be the sixth boro. The workers involved could push cargo or–as here– keep the peace and maintain safety and security.

Since I’ve not been on a harbor launch, I can’t vouch for their food prep facilities.

Anyhow, once grub’s aboard, I imagine that once you eat, it’s easier to stay on task.

Much as some folk working on the sixth boro might like to cook, it would be good to have places for take out to be delivered while crews stand by awaiting assignment.

Take the delivered pizza, feel less disconnected, and attend to the job at hand. Bon appetit.

That’s the idea: docking stations, pick up a variety of good healthy food, and go back to work. Do what you can’t when you’re at sea.

Hmmm . . . New York’s fastest (delivery) matters too.

Other places have it:  Netherlands have parlevinker boats–grocery stores on the water.  All I found was a Dutch language site here;  the fotos tell part of the story.

Photos, WvD.