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One glorious September morning 399 years ago, two young Lenape may have lingered on a rock near present-day Weehawken having a picnic of raw oysters when–without precedent– the Halve Maen tentatively sailed toward them looking for China.  “Check it out.” he said, pointing toward the ungainly canoe.  “Must be outa-towners,” he added, wanting to impress her with his knowledge.

Since then, “outa-towners” continue making calls within view of the great picnic spot.  Some come and never leave although most have places to return to.

Check out Jay Michael from Boston, MA,

Patrick J Hunt of Narragansett, RI,

Amberjack of Philadelphia, PA,

Pati R Moran of Wilmington, DE,

and Gulf Dawn of New Orleans, LA.

Okay, so I was the outa-towner in Kingston when I saw this vessel.  Anyone identify?

And outa-towner I’ll be once I head north tomorrow morning looking for picnic spots, adventure, fresh sweet corn, inspiration, tugboats, and whatever else offers itself.  A bientot.

Unrelated…  but two interesting Times articles answer these questions:  how much does it cost to ship one 40′ container from China now v. early years of this decade?  And what critter is the cockroach of the open water and what does it say ?

Photos, WVD.

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