Check KennebecCaptain’s animal post here, related to his approach to Singapore, the etymology of that word itself is animal related, a tiger mistaken for a lion 700 years ago. Noticing an animal thread among my own recent posts, I decided to persist. I embedded a link to the “eagle” fleet near end of the the post. Why “eagle?” Doesn’t that bird get disproportionate attention already? Imagine a fleet with names like Dog Boston, Dog Birmingham, etc.

Swallow Birmingham,


Goose Tacoma,

Coot Boston returned,

Puffin Beaumont or Turkey Beaumont or Gooney Beaumont

I expect to see more of this fleet in months to come. For the full–if somewhat monotonous–eagle list, check out the link to the AET fleet.

Oh, a puffin tomorrow.

All photos in this blog, unless otherwise credited, by Will Van Dorp.