or not so random, but tugs nonetheless. Thanks to Jed, check out a frontal view of Lincoln Sea, air draft 86 feet.  A “taller” tug appears later. Any ideas?

Bridge Builder 40, estimated air draft of 15′ (?) serves in its own niche–in fact, many niches not suitable for Lincoln Sea. Check out those enormous push knees.

Mary Gellatly (also in this Flickr shot)

Franklin Reinauer, ablaze in morning color

Laura K. and Margaret Moran (love the natural fiber fendering on Margaret)

Here’s the “tall” one, Norwegian Sea, with air draft of 88.’  Am I wrong in thinking that’s almost three times the height of the Olympic “high” diving event?  If so, !@#@!

So below is a mystery tug for me–is it also Norwegian Sea? I couldn’t get close enough.

Photos, WVD.