You’ve seen this scene before: two people standing about 10 feet apart. In this case, the guy in the orange jumpsuit holds a box pointed at him in the white, who hopes he’s radiating clear body language for folks not depicted, not present here. Where is the “here” here though?

More guys in orange . . . detainees?

If so, the wall or bulwarks supporting them extends high enough that a jump to safety does not seem a prudent course.

Maybe some details seem familiar, but what is the whole? Who couldn’t look at that wall and imagine a design to break it up? Why not use it for product placement?

Maybe you figured it out right away. So can you guess how many automobiles this “pure” car carrier contains?

Last chance to guess . . .

Try 6,400. See more here. While you’re there, check out the remolcadore named reinod 9 too.

Back to the 6,400 cars. If each car runs $50k, that’s more zeros than I want to compute.

And back to the orange jumpsuits, that’s not what sailors used to wear. Since when has this orange color invaded ships? Is there a hidden message here?

Photos, WVD.