Characters: Evening Light

followed by Brian McAllister. The story?

Evening Tide (hereinafter Eve) gets clearance to shift this fuel barge and hand it over to another unit outside the Narrows. Notice Brian McAllister, h.i.a. Brian, on the far side of the barge. To simplify the description, I’ll say the barge points north before any shifting begins. Notice that Eve has the barge on the hip.

Current is moving to the right side of the fotos. Tugs have now rotated the barge to point west.

Brian now completely in view, provides steering. The barge now faces almost south.

Eve has rotated 180 degrees on its axis.

Brian pushes barge toward the east, now slowing momentum of the turn.

From the lattice structure in the background, notice the tow has started to move eastward, or seaward,  with the current.

No bubbles coming from stern of Brian. Eve‘s in charge.

Brian is ready for the next job, assist or otherwise. Yes, that’s the Empire State Building in the distance beyond this portion of Bayonne.

Next scene in the lives of Eve and Brian?

Photos, WVD.