In the foto below, Odin is the smaller of two tugs. Groton, the green ITB catamaran tug with stern facing us, dwarfs it. Yes, that’s tug. If you missed my earlier posts, type ITB in the search window and you’ll find lots of fotos in three posts. According to USCG documentation, Groton is 127 loa, 90 beam, and 39 draft… make that “hull depth.”

Gulf Dawn, ex-Francis J built in 1966, hails from the Big Easy.

L. W. Caddell, loa 46, was outside the yard some time back.

Vera K, ex-Goose Creek built in 1967, had me thinking she was her much younger and previously-blogged-about sibling, June K.

This was my first glimpse of Robbins Reef, ex-Glenda D and Gerald S, loa 42 and built in 1953.

Unrelated: Thanks to my friend Peter Mello for calling my attention to a photographer named Shuli Hallak. Peter does a great blog called Sea Fever and a podcast called Messing Around in Ships, with John Konrad of gCaptain.

Photos, WVD.