Random Tugs 16 ended with a mystery vessel on Long Island Sound. Harold Tartell and Greg Walsh separately identified it as Peggy Winslow now hailing from Falmouth, ME. Thanks!  The fotos on Winslow Marine‘s site remind me of coastal New England. Thanks to Harold for the foto below and the next one, which

shows Peggy Winslow in her first life beginning in 1970 as Mister Chris, then out of Port Aransas, Texas.

Moving a light barge under the Brooklyn Bridge Sunday was the best-named tug I’ve seen in a while: Outrageous, out of Philadelphia.

Outrageous is my term for what’s happened in Red Hook in the past few years, reacted to in this You Tube clip. See the film maker’s myspace here. … not to malign the truckable tug working there recently. I think it’s Big K, but I can’t confirm that.

Two minutes later this “pickup-truckable” tug appeared; judging by the bow gear, it’s a floating forklift bearing some semblance of Ikea colors?

To end this installment, a mystery tug, headed Sunday morning past the east side of Bayonne making for the KVK. Anyone know it?

Photos, WVD.