Thanks to Bernard Ente, photographic evidence of Sea Bull, just in time to honor the wonderful Taurus folks in my life. Happy b’day . . . you may agree with positives and negatives . . . like prudence but self-consciousness. Btw, anyone identify the location?

Location is Hell Gate, up where the sixth boro touches three others: Manhattan, Bronx, & Queens.

Taurus flows into Gemini, and to honor all of you–including my son and my mother–some pairs follow. Like June K. sidling up to Juliet Reinauer pushing barge Hartford . . .

and Sea Wolf overtaking James Turecamo while Patrick Sky disappears over on the Staten Island side.

Geminis are articulate and adaptable, adjectives that could surely describe Odin, to me, the most unusual tug in the sixth boro… See link here for wheelhouse down.  Actually, Norse god Odin had shape-shifting abilities.

In honor of Gemini inquisitiveness, here’s a Q: I took the foto about three years ago on Long Island Sound. Anyone identify? The stack design seems it could be a giveaway, but I don’t know it.