First, a really impressive new blog I’ve become a fan of is Kennebec Captain. And from it, here‘s an intriguing story on thousands of longshoremen shutting down over two dozen West Coast ports on May Day.

Now. . . more of these color coded vessels. I think my recent tax payment subsidized fuel costs on this one. Any guesses when the Coast Guard started the red and blue stripes on its hulls? Why is black used for that fishing pole mounted on the port rail near the stern? uh . . . you mean that’s not trolling gear?

Here’s the year for the addition of the stripe.

How long have Harbor Unit NYPD boats been blue? I don’t know.

Given the color scheme above, what agency is this vessel from? Answer here.

What will become of the venerable red FireFighter when the new Robert Allen vessel arrives? When is it expected?

Why are USCG tugs like Line black rather than white? And why doesn’t it have trolling gear? Maybe in keeping with the color of the Defender class boats, might future USCG tugs might be some shade of orange–pumpkin, Florida, Brazilian?

Photos, WVD.