The verticality of the approaching tug suggests a lighthouse, especially with the railing around the “lantern” glass atop,

but it’s yet another shot of Huron Service. Vitals: 98x34x17 and built (design #1) in 1981.

The following fotos all come compliments of Harold. The red-hulled vessel below is .  .  . Eric Candies, the vessel recently transformed into Huron Service.

Here’s a link for the Otto Candies‘ company.

Similarly, the Hornbeck Liberty Service below (117x37x16 built in 1983) was in a former life . . .

Mac Tide 63 ex Jaramac 63 shown below

and again, in a dramatic oil platform setting, below. Stack insignia above is for Tidewater.

Amazing what steel fabrication and a new color scheme can do! I wonder if the feel changes as radically as the appearance. Is the center of gravity changed at all significantly?

Again, thanks to Harold for all but the top two fotos.

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