Like Alice, the vessel below is a self-unloading bulker. Barkald‘s cargo varies: anything so long as it goes bulk. If you look at the top three fotos in this shipspotting link, you’ll see it could be salt, coal, ore, gypsum, cement,

I’m not sure what cargo Barkald was transferring just south of Outerbridge on the Arthur Kill last week, but

it was a treat to see Dorothy Elizabeth hurry by, maybe homeward.

By the way, Barkald, like Alice, is part of the Canadian Steamship Line fleet. She’s classified as Supramax.

Talking cargoes, read about the cargo longshoreman refuse to offload from a Chinese ship in Durban. Any guess what type of cargo would trigger that sort of reaction? Answer. Bravo to the dock workers.

Unrelated: You may notice I added a site to my blogroll: Ship of the Day.

Also, unrelated: the tug in ice at bottom of this March post is Grouper ex-Alaska, built in 1912! By the time I get up to that lock in the canal, it may have moved west into the big lakes.

Photos, WVD.