I gladly exchange an hour’s sleep to watch the sun rise over the Arthur Kill. But when dawn reveals a Suezmax crude tanker–in addition to the moist salt air–I know the day holds promise.

Three tugs guide her in. Tractor Lee T. Moran controls the stern of the 149,000 dwt Wilana. Catherine Turecamo is starboard; I couldn’t identify the tug to port.

The foto below was taken only five minutes after the top two and with no manual adjustment of the camera. Perspective works magic.

A few years back, pirates shimmied up the anchor chain of Wilana in the harbor of Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. Scroll down to case #17. And speaking of pirates, those suspected of briefly holding the French yacht Le Ponant are now in France awaiting the legal system.

So I’ve some questions for anyone who works at an oil terminal like the ones along the Kills: during transfer, is there an odor–unpleasant or otherwise–from the cargo?

Photos, WVD.