I’ve seen this sign hundreds of times as I drive off the Verrazano Bridge, and I know the reference, but now I see it with opened eyes, thanks to this morning’s context:

nothing unusual at first, an inbound tug pushing a barge. But when the name became visible, it made my day . . .

although I then wondered if the speck on the southern horizon might be chocolate express or maybe creamer express. Hey, “milk train” used to be a common term. Other questions emerged, too, like where in Brooklyn will this sweetness be delivered . . . or maybe this barge carries goodies from southern Brooklyn to be shared with less-sweet places to the north.

Notice how the superstructure of the barge migrates? And pushed by Heron? We have to rename this tug.

By the way, I waited in vain for the Chocolate Express. I know a children’s book writer who could use this name.

Foto note: The top shot could have included the incoming tug & barge if I had stood on the Belt Parkway, but given the amount of traffic, I might not have returned with said trophy foto.

Photos, WVD.