Fotos and some info on five tugs follow. You may notice the locations differ although I’d guess that–as the bird flies–all five fotos were taken within the same two-mile diameter with Shooter’s Island as midpont. As it turns out, all five were built far from NYC but along the same coastline. The age range is 36 years. Only one currently goes by its original name. The difference in LOA between the longest and shortest is 35.’ Answers follow. The tug below in orange is June K.

Eastbound in morning orange is Baltic Sea.

Eastbound in KVK is Michaela McAllister.

Crosscurrent in KVK and pointed south here is Kimberly Poling.

Docked in May Ship Repair Yard is Mary Gellatly. See link here for a NY Times story involving her back in 2000.

So location of build, launch dates, previous name(s), longest, and shortest?

All were built along the Gulf Coast. The oldest here is Michaela McAllister (built 1967 and is also the longest) and the newest and shortest), June K., which was built in 2003 as June K. Here are the previous names:

Baltic Sea–ex S/R Albany and Tahchee; Michaela McAllister— ex Betty Culbreath

Kimberly Poling–ex Jaguar; Mary Gellatly— ex North Service

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Photos, WVD.