Thornton Bros and Edith Thornton, the latter possibly not named for the actress, take a weekend break along the KVK. That’s Shooter’s Island and Port Elizabeth in the background.



Edith is the ex-Tamaqua, built in 1951 in Camden for the Reading Railroad. I never noticed until now how much the Marine Steel white-diamond logo resembles the old Reading Railroad logo. Tamaqua is a Pennsylvania coal region town.



The above foto is related to the Thorntons only in the color, green. Would you believe a barge full of emeralds transported to the gem district? No? Actually, this is a pile of broken recycled bottles used for . . .

sandblasting. Read the references in Props 1 and 2 to “green” material at the bottom of the dry dock holding Orion; yes, this is the sand. Glass is made from sand, right? April is environmental consciousness-raising month. This just makes sense.

Photos, WVD.