That’s what Capt. Ted asked as we approached his vessel, Orion, ( high, dry, and freshly sandblasted) at May Ship Yard.  Notice here and elsewhere the greenish floor of the drydock.


Nor does Orion have a rudder. That’s a fixed skeg, as large as the keel of a sailboat.



Seen from the bow, there’s an odd “skid plate” mounted to the hull; those “tubes” are solid and have the strength to hold up the hull on a beach at low tide.



Between the hull and the plate are the external portions of the twin Voith-Schneider units, which serve as props and rudders. Here’s another link on the VSP. Here’s one to scroll through.



Side view showing the hard chines of the hull.



Orion has twin sets of controls; these look aft. The wheel walks the tug laterally; twin levers to the right walk it forward and aft without having to idle down from one direction to the other. Controls farther right are for the winch.

Orion was built as America in 1982 in Coos Bay, Oregon. More fotos later.

Photo, WVD.