Part of the reason I keep doing this blog is that “looking” leads to understanding. So look at exhibit A, bow of Fr8 Endeavour. Cool name. Oh, that’s bunker vessel Rolf Williams passing to starboard.



Here’s the rest of Fr8 Endeavour.



And yesterday I saw Stena Contest. Again, cool name. Fancy paint job. Exhibit B. Strictly speaking, Stena Contest has three siblings, and four cousins.



That’s K-Sea Falcon behind that fuel barge to starboard and Don Jon Marine’s Atlantic Salvor (I think) towing off in the distance.



Silhouette says Atlantic Salvor, but I couldn’t confirm it. So which two of these vessels make up part of the same fleet?

I’d never have guessed, but Fr8 Endeavour (note the British spelling) and Stena Contest are part of the same fleet operated by Stena. Scroll on through to the MR (Middle Range) list, and you’ll see it. Launch sites differ: Fr8 Endeavour is South Korea and Stena Contest is Pula, Croatia.