Just another ship? Tverskoy Bridge, 2007 vintage, cannot be dismissed so quickly. Launched less than a year ago from the shipyard in St Petersburg originally created by Peter the Great . . . she’s impressive and of superb pedigree. See this link on the Admiralty Shipyard, her launchplace.



And Tverskoy Bridge has something I don’t even have: a godmother! Lyubov Leontyeva, I’d love to meet you. And she delivers



Norwegian oil in her Russian holds



to barges and silos in New York. Check out fotos of Russian tugs here. Check through this wikipedia link on St. Petersburg to see how the city encircles Neva Bay. Peter, an unusual monarch, traveled incognito to Europe to study, among other subjects, shipbuilding. Shipbuilder that he was, check out this weird statue to him erected by the creator of Bayonne’s own statuary, Zurab Tsereteli, profiled here over a year ago.

Photos, WVD.