With this blog I try to look and see new details each day anew. So I need to confess I’ve neglected barge names. The barge below–moving paper to the recycling plant–is called Stars & Stripes. I thought that strange until it occurred to me that recycling reflects good citizenship, which is akin to patriotism.


Sea Horse seems apt, although it makes me wonder if there’s ever been a Sea Mule.


I might have overlooked this body of water; I don’t know of it.



And I wonder what the story behind Peter R. Hearne is, given that most of its sister barges bear simply numbers.



Cleopatra had a barge. check out this Cleo figurehead here!! I wonder what name Cleo actually gave to her barge.

And while I’m on barges, can anyone describe the difference between a barge and a scow?

All images by Will Van Dorp.