When I started this series, I imagined alternating fotos of women and men, but siren per se doesn’t seem to include men although there are other winged-creatures that include men. As a digression, check out this mechanical siren with –er– horsepower.

But I’ll persist a little and go inland to a favorite place, Rockefeller Center and Paul Manship‘s Prometheus. Seeing Prometheus from this angle prompts two thoughts:



First, the people below him are not too impressed that he’s just stolen fire from Zeus and quite caught up, instead, in just maintaining their balance. And second, that fire in his raised right hand, if dropped, would quickly melt the ice and send the skaters into the waters below. Well… if waters existed below. By the way, Prometheus’ grandfather was Oceanus. Prometheus isn’t a siren and has no wings, but some flight was involved in his getting away with the fire.



Flight happens here too in this Robert Garrison carving “Morning” facing Sixth Avenue (aka Avenue of the Americas) although the eagle provides the wings. More Garrison later.

Of course Giotto and Bosch show angels exist as a category, one that I’m thinking about today since reading Cees Nooteboom‘s Lost Paradise. See NYC angels here.

Photos, WVD.