Here are more of the many various government boats in the harbor. See Fire Fighter in action here. The engine shots at that link are also splendid. If I’m not mistaken, this formidable machine is 70 years old!



Below and racing northbound just inside the Narrows is NYPD police boat Sgt. Keith Levine, named in memory of a slain officer. Mount Karava, palm oil vessel in background, appeared here in October 07 and has returned with more.



Help me out here–Is this US Army Corps of Engineers m/v Hocking headed seaward?



And over on the Manhattan side, I think that’s Jersey City fireboat Joseph Lovero, (?) named for a fallen Jersey City fire fighter. In the background is Hudson River Park’s “Long Time” wheel, a kinetic sculpture–complete with odometer–created by Paul Ramirez Jonas. Read more here.


Photos, WVD.