Winter–it makes me think of other times and places. The fotos below show tugster a decade ago in New Hampshire sailing a Grumman canoe. Spars, sail, leeboards, and rudder now adorn my apartment.



This was a ship of fools; neither helmsman nor crew really knew much about sailing canoes .


The only unpleasant canoe sailing experience I had involved capsizing in the middle of a lake, and having to swim a swamped canoe to shallows.



On canoe sailing, check out here. Also on my blogroll. Tim does nice work with traditional sailing (and other human-powered) craft in waters far from the sixth boro, like Madagascar. Especially enlightening for me are his January 2008 posts on traditional wooden boats from Iraq, a fascinating country where I spent four months before the recent wars. Wasn’t life better for the marsh Arabs back then? Has their water-based existence been wiped away?

Fotos by Allison.