Blogging keeps rewarding me with tendrils extended my way by folk I’d otherwise never meet. Thanks to David, I just learned of a blog outa Wisconsin named gardengrow (new link on left) and colourful Nassau tug Snapper.



Above, colourful reflection of Manhattan and an unidentified tug beside a crane barge preparing to lift the Empire State building? Below, the venerable Crow, antique red sibling of Cheyenne, built in Brooklyn 45 years ago.


Stemming the tide northbound on North River it’s Scott C, less than a year old out of Rhode Island.


Anchored off the Narrows, it’s Treasure Coast, twice Scott C’s age, out of Maryland.



And tugging [ 😉 ]for inclusion here is this foto of colourful decorations in Chinatown.  Happy Year of the Rat, our industrious brother.



All images, Will Van Dorp