And the answer to yesterday’s “where is QV?” is off Vigo on the northwestern Galician coast of Spain just before Christmas 2007. Many many thanks to Mar, who writes the blog una mirada a la ria de vigo. More fotos from there soon.

Unifying the tugboats that follow is their uniqueness. Below is Melvin Lemmerhirt, tug for Great Lakes Dredge & Dock. The tug here heads eastbound on East River a few days after the Orange Sun incident.



Notice the unusual bow design of K-Sea’s Viking, different from these 2003 shots. Maybe it’s just that fendering has been removed?



St. Andrews, westbound in KVK, stern shows registry location of Portland, Oregon.



Helen McAllister can rarely be seen tucked away in a niche beside Peking.



And finally, who gets to push the government around, specifically Homeland Security? No one, unless you sport Responder on your bow and a painted-out Exxon on your stack. She even gets paid to shove these folks around.


Photos, WVD.