About a year ago, I used this title in modified form to tell of Alice and the Congo here. I use it again because I received these fotos recently, thanks to Trixi and to Jochen Schultz.




The lines looks familiar, and



this looks amazingly like a certain drydock on Staten Island, but



it’s a Rickmers vessel in Hamburg. Rickmers-Rickmers was a teenager when Peking was built; she ran Germany-Far East for 15 or so years before going on the same line to Chile that Peking ran. Later she sailed as Flores, then Sagres 2, until in 1983–at age 87–she returned to Hamburg, where Jochen took those fotos. Some differences: Rickmers Rickmers has twin diesels, and their relative dimensions in loa, breadth, draft–Peking (377’x45’x26′) and Rickmers Rickmers (318’x40’x20′).



One more foto: Abram Schulte, in NYC last winter, has some relationship with Rickmers, which I haven’t quite teased out. Notice the historic Rickmers Rickmers in the foreground in this link.

Photos, WVD.