Farley Mowat talks about the “throng” in People of the Deer, a memoir of his time among the Cree, the throng being the brown river of caribou stopping his train as he journeyed toward Hudson Bay. Gravesend Bay has an avian throng I eavesdropped on yesterday. Btw, that’s Coney Island beyond the buffleheads and brent’s geese.


Brent geese (Genus branta and species “gearheadus“) expressed raucous admiration of ATB in background. “Wonder what the ATB is called?” they said before setting out to investigate.


“Oh, it’s Pati Moran, conjoined with barge Charleston,” said the fastest goose.


“I noticed Pati , 5100 hp, in KVK a week or so ago,” said another.


Yeah, and with her twin, Barney Turecamo, nestled up here to Tintomara, a Croatia-built tanker,” said yet another.


See this link for Pati Moran in pristine? Boothbay Harbor.

Odds and ends: Check out this blog I’ve just discovered. It has the perfect title: The cure for anything is salt water. Even without the salt, I’d agree. Also, John Seabrook’s “American Scrap,” in the 1/14/08 New Yorker takes you inside the biggest export moving out of the sixth boro. What happens to that wrecked car or non-functioning air conditioner you put out for trash collection?

Finally, more follow-up to the Newark Bay collision [collusion?:)] of juice tanker and dredge vessel here.

And check out this blog “el mar es el cami” = the sea is the path) from Spain for references to judgments on culpability in the 1999 sinking of Erika and some powerful! French music via YouTube.

Photos, WVD.