Janice Ann Reinauer hurries toward an assist



leaving us in her wake and letting us study the upper wheelhouse. See the rods on either side extending slightly above.



Why the dark gray rod portside just aft the upper house door?



It’s upward mobility. They allow the upper house to ride upward as needed for view over a barge.



A shot of the lower after portion shows the wheelhouse in the lowered position. Push a button and you ride to the top of the rod.



Cheyenne, which once needed variable height to operate on the Erie Canal had a different means of raising the entire wheelhouse; see this post.

By the way, let me go on record saying the crew of Janice Ann have no rivals as hospitable and helpful folks. Thanks for the rescue.

Unrelated update Friday morning: An orange-juice tanker of the sort I wrote about here last May collided with the dredge New York yesterday in Newark Bay. Check out the New Jersey paper story here and others here. In both, you may have to scroll through.

Photos, WVD.