Your responses prompt another post about Peking. Be sure to see the slide show at link at the end of this post, which features a barque with similar lines but older.



Concentration etches the face of the tug captain.


Attention holds the deckhand ready at the h-bitt.



Excitement shows in riding crew.



Designated line handler awaits commands.


Crew at stern use monkeyfist to get dockline onto the pier so that . . .



pier crew can get line onto the bollard.




Wouldn’t it be grand to be able to do this each year? Thanks to Mage, I learned about Star of India ex-Euterpe. Check out this inspiring slide show. San Diego, bravo.

For more of a clip of Peking under sail in 1929, see this clip thanks to Sea Fever’s Peter Mello.

Links to two other flying P’s here and here. And another.

Last four fotos here credited to Elizabeth.